Enchanted Dancers
Welcome to my gallery of dancing maidens. I have not done too many of these yet, but I will be doing a few more some day.

By Christopher Bode
Copyright 2006
mayan_dancer native_dancer
Mayan Dancer

This one I based on photoes of Mayan ladies that I had seen in magazines.

Color pencil, felt-tip, pen and ink drawing of a Mayan maiden.
Native Dancer

This one was also influenced by a photo in a magazine, but this time it is a Pueblo dancer.

Felt-tip and color pencil drawing.
aerobic-dancer1 aerobic-dancer2
Aerobic Dancer 1 Aerobic Dancer 2
aerobic-dancer3 dancer1
Aerobic Dancer 3 Dancer 1
dancer2 fae-jumping
Dancer 2 Fae Jumping

A felt tip and pencil drawing of a fae jumping and showing off her wings.