My Fae 2 Gallery
Welcome to the second page of my fae art gallery.
Some of these are my older fae drawings.

Copyright 2006
Christopher Bode
fae8 fae9
Fae 8

A pencil sketch of a fae.

This is an older one.

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Warning: There is some mild nudity on the third Fae page.
Fae 9

Ink sketch of a fae.
The Green Nymph

A felt tip drawing of an elf, Ana elf, morphing into a wood nymph, and then into a fae. Notice all the elf trees in this one too.
Fae Trailing

A felt tip drawing of a fae trailing elf faces in her wake. Oh my, who is in the septagram above her?
Metamorphasis of the Fae Queen