My Enchanted Forest, page Two
Welcome to the second page of "MY Enchanted Forest Gallery".

By Christopher M. Bode
Copyright 2006
elf-carnation 3elf-trees
An Old Man Elf-Carnation

A pencil sketch of an elfin carnation.

This is an older piece I did. One day, while I was in a glazed over state of mind, I looked at this carnation on the table and seen him looking at me.

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Three Elf-Trees

A pen and ink sketch of three elf-trees.

This is a felt tip drawing of a female and male smelf. Surrounding them are some elf-trees and lady Sally Maria as an angelic heart above them. Vine like sage branches are below them as well. In the midle is a rainbow colored septagram. It has the rainbow layers coming off of it too. Since there are some enchanted elf-trees in this one, I have put it in this gallery page as well as some other.

An elf flower in felt tip.
Smelf Tree in an Aurora

A felt tip drawing of an elfin tree in a cloudy rainbow colored aurora.
Smelf Trees and Elf Mushrooms

A felt tip drawing of an enchanted forest.
The Elf Tree Path

A sketch of an enchanted forest trail.
A Sifarot Elf Tree

A sketch of an elf-tree. This was the preliminary to the "Apple Elf Tree" peice.