My Mer Gallery
Welcome to my gallery of mer people. In mythology mers are considered as a type of water fae.

Located here are several drawings and paintings I have have done over many years.

By Christopher M. Bode
Copyright 2006
mer&sailor mer_sailor
The Mermaid and the Sailor.

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Here we are again.

I sketched this one first, and then I colored it later.


Come Lay With Me

Come lay with me by the deep blue sea.
Listen to the ocean sing a song.
Come play with me in the waves.
Let us watch the water caress the earth.
Come walk with me upon the sands of time.
Come lay with me by the deep blue sea.
Mers 1

A sketch of a couple of mer lovers. This is one of my older sketches.
Here is another one I did in the 80s.

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A pencil sketch of Neptune the king of the mers.

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Mermaid with Her Baby

I painted this one back in 1982. I was a 17 year old high school senior at the time.
A mermaid

A sketch of a mermaid.

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Another mermaid

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