The Rabbit Hole Poems
Welcome to chapter 2 of the Rabbit Hole Peoms. A collection of my surrealist
Poems and arwork.

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Copyright 2007
Christopher M. Bode

the-shroom-elf-watering-her-mushrooms cartwheel-elf
The Shroom Elf


Haymaker Dreams

There are fungi that grows upon the hay.
They grows in a land not so far away.
When it rains in the spring and summer,
I see them there growing in the hay.
The blades of grass turn blond like sand.
I see them there in the fields before they turn from green to blond.

There I see those fungi that grows among the blades.
As the blades of grass reach for the sky,
I see them hiding among them.
They have rings of reddish brown upon their crowns.
They hide upon the ground.
I see them all around.
The fungi of the hay.

A hand full or two to go into my tea.
In there they go with herb of passion and the spices of remembrance.
Such that, I can come to see these things that are past tense,
and those things that are now in the river of time,
Also those things that are yet to be within the sea of eternity.
As I drink mine tea down, I think; "What visions shall there be."

Enter unto the closet to pray.
As I enter into there, I prepare to dream.
I pray that each and every day;
"Oh, Lord God, please, send your angels and Holy Spirit unto me.
Send them to guide me each and every day as I go on my way.
Each and every day for eternity to come.
May Your will be done.
Lord God, please, guide me away from inequity.

In the closet the angels bring me the visions.
Like dreams that come out of the darkness.
Dreams that become the light.
Dreams that shall guide me in the night.
Guide me into the days to come.

I see vision of maidens with long dark hair.
There is a mountain, but I knew not where.
They are native maidens of the mountains.
One of the mountains has a snow caped peak.
It is a volcano that is asleep.
There are flowers in the fields.
There are trees in the mountains.

It is there that I see the maidens with their dark brown to black hair.
They walk upon a path of earth.
The ground is reddish brown.
They walk near the fields of flowers.
Flowers of yellow, red and white in fields of green.
There walk the tan skinned maidens that I seen.


A Dream Prayer Poem: Upon The Path

As I enter unto my closet to meditate and pray.
I pray to God in Heaven above to guide my way.
Oh Lord, please, send Your angels to guide me on my journey.
Please, send unto me the visions that I seek.
From You angels and Holy Spirit the messages come unto me.
Visions of eternity appear before me.
The gifts of guidance from Thee.

May Your Holy Spirit confirm upon me the meaning of the visions and dreams.
These things that are gifts from Thee.
The gifts of eternity.
The way is clear before me.
The road that I take I shall not forsake.

Please Lord God, send Your angels to guide my way.
Guide my steps upon the path.
May I be able to help other upon the path.
Shall I help other on the path,
so that through me some of Your works may be done.
Upon the path.


A payer before the flesh of the sacrament.

The Cartwheel Elf

An ink and feltip illustration.


The Cartwheel Elf Poem

Once upon a mid-night true,
the fire flies came to dance in flight.
They spun in circles of twinkling light.
As they spun around and around,
a portal of stars opened to my right.

A vortex spun counter-clock.
Then to my surprise what did my eyes behold.
Out of the portal spinning from my right to left.
A four armed elf came out of the night.
She did cartwheels as she moved about.
The vortex followed suit as well.

Her cloths and the portal were made of the oddest of things.
Every where looked like coiled springs.
Stranger still the springs were made of a wicker straw.
It seemed like as if a cornucopia made of Chinese finger cuffs.
Finger cuffs from some strange place beyond.
From this came the cartwheel elf.
As she went round and round,
she made merry like a clown.
Sm-elf Portal Guardian

The Cobblestone Road

Upon a road of cobblestone he found himself. Jimmy was an elf or gnome today. Upon the road he walked anyway. The way to here, and the way to there. A way to a magic mystic lair. Follow me to my home said a gnome to him.

Thus, there he went after too. To a world of wonder under the earth. A lair in a cave somewhere. A home in a hole in a glen. He followed the gnome into his home. A land of a mysterious unknown. The hole at the end of the road of cobblestone.

4 Magic Mints

Four more magic mints came unto me.
The bitter sweet tablets into my mouth.
Under mine tongue with then I say.
In the darkness of the night I can see.
I saw the light of eternity.
Paisley auroras of sperm and flowers abound.
Abound all around in the darkness I see flowers of fertility.
Is this just a message for me, or is this a scene of eternity.

Bitter the mint tabs were.
With the oil of peppermint and the resin of the divine sage they be.
20 leaves into one four drops is what was gotten here.
Bitter were the enlightening spheres.
Four magic mints came unto me.

Sm-elf Tree


Jimmy Come and see the Trees.

There once was a boy named Jimmy.
He lived down the road from nowhere.
Just up the hill from someplace else.
Next to the wood of the enchanted brook.

There the trees are very strange.
They smile at Jimmy and tell him their names.
One says his name is Fred.
Another says her name is Mallissa.

When the wind blows through their leaves,
they sing unto him.
"Come here, come on, this way."
Own guardians will show you the way.
To another realm that is beyond here,
but at the same time is still near.

The land where the nature spirits dwell.
A fantastic world of enchanted things.
All is alive and well in the other realm.
The home of the faes and the elves.
Where the angels dance in the clouds,
and they sing to the leader of all.

In this realm eternity s a hall.
Every door is a different way.
The angels can guide you every day.
Just ask them the way.
A nature angel says unto him;
"Jimmy come and see what is behind the next door."
The Sea Trees


The Mystic Sea Trees.

One sunny day I was at a beach.
I went to walk into the waves.
As I walked back out of the sea, I looked to the left and right of me.
There to my surprise were two trees next to me.
They were walking out of the surf with me.
There was a female tree to my left, and a male tree to my right.
They were moving there branches around like arms,
and they walked on their roots like feet upon the sand.
We walked through the water blue,
and then all of us three treadded upon the sand so golden tan.
I could feel the breeze upon my skin,
and I could hear the wind blow through the leaves of the enchanted trees.
What a strange and mystic land where the trees can walk upon the sand.
Sally Maria's Dream Portal

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The Portal of Dreams

She comes from the wall behind your bed.
She waves her wand over your head.
She'll take you to a world of dreams,
or maybe that is just the way it seems.
In a mystic land not so far away.
Through a portal to another place.
Time and space are different there,
for it is an eternal lare.

Dream Portal

"And it shall came to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams."

KJV Acts 2:17
Queen of the Mystic Realm

She is the Queen of the elves of a mystic realm.
Her name is Sally Maria.
Her world is so divine.
Her realm is different sate of mind.
Her subjects are called the smelves.
That is, Sally Maria's Elves.