The Rabbit Hole Poems
Welcome to chapter 3 of the Rabbit Hole Peoms. A collection of my surrealist
Poems and arwork. 

Copyright 2007
Christopher M. Bode

knights 2tailed-mer
"The Knights" from the "Return of the Owl" story.


Some Sage Incenses Came My Way.

As the bitter herbs of passage burn,
there are thing from them that we can learn.
Things of Salvation, Salude and Solitude.
Secrets from the portal to the great beyond.
They can be found in the sacred scepter.

The queen of the Sages is our pastress Ska Maria.
However, she dose have underlings.
They do not have all her power,
but they do have some powers of their own.

One May night I met one of then in a meadow.
She was a mellow sort named S. nemerosa.
I will call her Rosa.
Another one I met near by was S. splendens.
Such a splendid looking girl was she.
Here sister S. coccinia was also there.
Both with there bright red heads.
They were kind of like an immature Mary Jane.

Then came another girl named S. farinacea.
She called herself Victoria blue.
My how beautiful is she.
More strength and endurance have she than the other three.
She seemed to be a much stronger girl than the other three.

Then came some men through the field.
One named S. apiana was an old man sage.
Like a chief of a sacred land that is still here where I stand.
The next one looked like a scribe or office manager.
He was named S. officianalis.
A practical sort was he.
Both could grace one with a calm tranquil state of mind.

A young lad was following them.
Not quite a sage was he.
They called him Coleus the little brother.
He is fun to play with for a glazed over day,
but not much more of him came my way.

A scepter of so of any one of them can cause some effect.
Some are nice to play with like Mary Jane,
and others are good for introspection.
At least for those of us with meditative intentions.


Another Cup of Tea Came to Me.

One night a cup of tea came before me.
The bag inside of the hot water proclaimed unto me;
"Drink me, I am graced with the sage of the meadow and the mint of inebriation."
Soon after the beverage was consumed,
a buzz of elation came over me.
Some minor visual patterning could be seen around,
but it was not that all profound.

The nest night another cup of tea came my way.
It said that it was made of the same herbs as before,
but this time a teaspoon of Sally's leaves had already found their way under my tongue.
A bit of the tea helped moisten things up,
but the visual patters in the air were only a little bit more than before.
Drowsiness soon fallowed thereafter,
and dreams about dancing tea bags did abound.


The Castle and the Suit

On more night, and another vile of the magic mint tincture did come before me.
It came before me in the darkness.
A tincture of the sacred sage from within did anoint mine tongue.
Burn it must, and burn it did.
Then the auroras came around my head.
Stronger they did become as three quarters of an hour did pass.

A vision of another place. A palace, a fortress a castle of brick and mortar.
Within a vision of mine woman nursing a babe in arms.
To her breast a baby child.
I see them there, but it is not the house I know.
Then I am shifted to another part of this place. 

In a hall of doors and tiled floors.
I am very still standing there.
Then it occurs to me, for I am not me.
I am not myself, and I am in a suit of armor there.
However, the suit is empty, so I feel nothing within.
It seems I am the suit, and I'm not inside of it.

I sense elves near me there in the hall.
Elves in the hallway, but they are unseen to me.
They are in the shadows of this lare.
A time-warp shifts withing this place.

The suit of armor then becomes a suit for outer-space.
A space-suit on a ship landing in a sea near an island.
There on the island is a beach.
Upon this beach there are three sun-bathing maidens.
Two auburn haired twins and a blond.
White string bathing suits they do have on.
The three of them lay there on a golden beach.
Upon the sand near the sea they do be.

The Two Tailed Mermaid

The Two Tailed Mer

Once while by the sea.
She did come unto me.
Upon the waves she was there.
A sacred entity from the sea.
From the blue paisley waves.
From the waves she did come.
She had the power of mystery.
A mystery for me.

The waves then whispered like a song.
"Come on, come along.
She waits for the sea to be one.
One with eternity."
Odd that the sea would whisper such unto me.

Her two tails seemed to be a symbol.
A symbol of the split between the land and the sea.
The sea caresses the land,
and the land kisses the sea.
To and fro it does go.
For eternity the land and the sea.
The Mermaid and the Sailor


Come Lay With Me

Come lay with me by the deep blue sea.
Listen to the ocean sing a song.
Come play with me in the waves.
Let us watch the water caress the earth.
Come walk with me upon the sands of time.
Come lay with me by the deep blue sea.

An Apple Elf-Tree

A felt tip drawing of an elfen apple tree.


"Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the mist of the earth, and the height thereof was great.
The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of the earth:
The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of the sky dwelt in the branches thereof, and all flesh was fed of it."

KJV Daniel 4:10-12
That Hat of Orange and Black

There it was another day,
and the scepter-wand did come my way.
As I lay in mine bed, the wand did touch my head.
To my surprise, before mine eyes,
my sleeping mask did change into a hat.
I thought; "How about that?"
A Mexican wicker hat of orange and black.
I took of the mask that had became a hat, but the hat just came back.
Once again, I tried in vain to knock it off of mine head,
but it just came back to covered my head again.
I thought; "is it friend or foe? I do not know."

An entity it could be,
or maybe it was just put there by one unseen to me.
It seemed to stay there all day,
but, alas, only 15 minutes had past.
I thought; "What could it be?"
A very weird hat.
It may come back.
That crazy hat of orange and black.