Enchanted Romance Gallery
Welcome to my Enchanted Romance gallery.

By Christopher M. Bode
Copyright 2005
mer&sailor_colored sm_moon&mars&venus
The Mermaid and the Sailor, colorized with pencil and felt tip.

This one is based on me and my love.
Sally Maria as a Moon Maiden.

My the mythic meaning here.
mer1 hummingbirsd1
Romantic Mers
I did this sketch back in 1989.

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Hummingbird Love

Male and female hummingbirsd in a heart design above some morning glory flowers.

Color pencil and ink drawing.
Mi Corizon:
Mi Gloria

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This one is of and for my love.

Color pencil and ink drawing.
Hummingbird Love

A close up of the previous drawing of the birds and flowers.

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Celtic Couple/ Roman era.

A felt tip and color pencil drawing of a Celtic couple in Roman era dress.
Smelfery-2/Smelf Love

A felt tip drawing of some smelfs and elf-trees 
and such things as that.