The Rabbit Hole Poems
Welcome to chapter 1 of my e-book of surrealist poems and artwork. 

Copyright 2007
Christopher M. Bode
sally-maria-as-a-cave-temple pu ma-skull
Queen Sally Maria as a Cave-temple and Rabbit Hole.

Notice the rabbit visiting her.

Puma Skull and Datura


When the Demons Come Down

Poem by Christopher Bode
Copyright 2007

There is a place in the woods near my home.
Where the mountain lions called cougars roam.
Among the pinon pines and jimson weeds, I seen a pair of the cats in their lare.
So strange it seemed to me, for I seen them change from the tawny blonde cats into human beings. A woman and man they had become. The middle ages man and his wife told me that a demon had cast a hex upon them. Four days thereafter, they traveled among the hills eating the raw flesh of rodents and birds.

I told them; "I must drive you to town to see a priest. Perhaps, he may know what to do to break the spell."
Once there in town, the priest, Reverend Father Brown, told us of all the strange things that had been going on in his parish and elsewhere on the church grounds.
He took us to a room in which there where two bear cubs. The priest told us that they had once been men, and before our eyes they turned into dwarfs and then back into bears, once again.

Then Father Brown showed us a parchment that he had found. In was in his personal bible placed in-between Deuteronomy chapters 12 and 13. Then his bible and the sheet mysteriously fell to the ground. Father Brown picked them both up with a frown.
Then he read from the sheet that he had found; "When men turn to beasts, beasts will turn to men. Then words will become gibberish, whether written, spoken, or heard. Your parishioners faces will then become blurred, and I will come from the darkness to Earth once again."
Then he proclaimed; "What shall we do? How can such a horrible thing ever be true?"
"I will pray for the Earth and sprinkle holy water all around!"; said Father Brown.
Then Father Brown walked to his chapel. There to his shock and surprise, he found the letters in his bible had become triangles and squares, the faces of his flock clouded and blank, and worst of all the most horrible sound all around. A deep raspy voice was speaking not words but growls. The noise rumbled through the crowd. Though he knew not what was said, he would still vow to fight the demons that descend upon man.

Note: The above poem is based on a dream I had back in December of 1990.

The Rabbit Bush

The Enchanted Rabbit

I saw a rabbit over there.
Is he a rabbit or a hare?
I swore he is a rabbit.
He says to me; "Follow me into my lair."
"Come see the wonders that are there."
Do not fear of what you hear.
Remember that he lives in there.
Shan't we go visit him deep in his lair.
Deep in the rabbit hole.
Welcome to his enchanted lair.
It is a world of oddness and wonder.
I saw the rabbit down there.


  The Smoke Sm-elf

Incense at Night

To smell the incense at night.
When I smell the incense at night,
the auroras of light come down upon me.
Then the kaleidoscopes come into sight.

When I smell the incense at night,
the colored lights form into the vortex within the aurora.
The portal of dream land and eternity open up before me.
Then the entities therein beckon unto me;
"Come on, come on. Come and visit us."
Then the entities lead me on.
Upon a path through the portal.

The journey seems so long,
but time is not the same in dream land.
Everything can stand still,
or it can be pulled fast along like a train upon a track.
It can slice into parallel times and paths.
However, it does not last.

The fractal aurora comes back upon me.
Then the darkness of night returns unto me.
To smell the incense at night.


Myth and Rhyme

In the mist of time there are many myths and fables.
They are filled with covenants of rhyme.
When whimsical people come from the walls of the mind,
they are able to call upon the spirits of the rhymes.
While sitting at the table dedicated to various states of mind,
the quills of many writers come forth with many myths and fables filled with rhyme.

Myth and Rhyme

Twilight Time

It is said that there is a world.
Ti's between twilight and dawn.
There boys and girls play on and on.
The sun will set, and the sun will rise.
There will come visions before their eyes.
Brilliant this with much surprise.
As darkness fills their eyes,
a sentinel messenger does arrive.
She lifts them up upon the clouds,
and in light they shall be shroud.
As sacred entities become a crowd,
mystic dreams do speak out-load.
Do not forget, and do keep them in mind.
For they have meaning all of the time.
Thus, when the clock does chime,
be sure to take quill to paper at that time.
Then fill the paper with rhymes,
and then the messages will become defined.
Twilight Time

Spider on the Wall

A color pencil and felt tip drawing of spiders and a web.


Spider on the Wall

Once upon a Halloween night, there was a boy named Jimmy. After a night of collecting and eating all sort of candy, Jimmy whent to bed.

While asleep in his bed, the elf queen Sally Maria came and waved her wand over his head.

The next thing Jimmy new, he was in a land of octagonal parallel shapes. He could even see behind him, on the sides of him, and in front of himself all at once. All around him was a silken web of refracted shapes. Oh no, Sally Maria , that trickster, had   made Jimmy dream about being a spider.

In the dream land he could even crawl the walls of the hallway. Just like spiders do. Well Jimmy got a trick, and not a treat that night. Of course, when Jimmy awoke, he was himself again.    
Angelic Christ in the Sea.

Art & Poem by Chris Bode

Angelic Christ 

I was in the darkness.
He came unto me from the auroras of light.
Auroras of light that were the sea.
A sea before me,
and there was He.
In the sea he was walking upon the waves.
We are all in the sea of eternity.
We are the fishes of the sea.
The sea that He walks upon.
He walks upon the sea to come to guide us.
A sea that was in the darkness,
and now it is in the light.
It is now day. and it is no longer night.
For He brings us the  light.
The light to guide us away from the night.


The Anointing

Anoint thy tongue, and it was done.
The auroras come forth from the dark.
In the darkness they do form.
Form they must under the storm.
A squid and an octopus are there.
They dance in the darkness under the waves.
Of purple and red their tentacles move among the waves.

Into a vortex like a cave.
A city under the waves.
A city in the caves of the sea.
That is where it is that it be.
Faces line the tunnel of the city walls.
Female faces of the Mer.
The Mer that are, and the Mer that were.

Replicated crescent signs then become well defined.
Replications in the mind.
A female face and a fetal form.
Replications before my eyes.
In the crescent she be born.
She to be born under the storm.

The owl comes visit among the storm.
His wings do form auroras among the storm.
Many more replicated auroras upon the sea.
A dance of flesh colored light fills the night.
A "V" shape in a diamond does replicate.
It replicates into the cave.
The cave under the sea.

Above the sea is He.
Upon the waves He does walk.
The angelic Christ that did come to me.
There He is upon the waves.
The waves above the caves.
There He reaches out His hand to man.
With the earth above His holed crown.
Shant He rule above the sea and ground.
He shall rule from the clouds.


There They are, the Pharisees.

There they are.
They stand upon the hill.
There the Pharisees do stand.
The Pharisees of ill repute.
There in their castle upon the hill.
There they stand no so still.

The castle upon the hill.
It is painted so white.
So shiny bright outside,
but it is filled with dead men's bones.
It is but a white washed tomb.

No real life or consciousness of sin within.
Though they speak of freedom, peace and liberty.
As they take our liberties away,
they claim to give it to others just the same.
To them these are not things for you and me,
but they use them as reasons to wage wars.
War is the eternal whore that they so adore.

Though they speak of God,
their religious gaze are just a shallow faze.
For the spirit is not within those empty ones.
Wealth, power and greed is the golden calf that they worship still.
Before the bull they bow and pray.
It can be seen on Wall Street every day.

The communion cup of which they drink does stink.
The one that they adore does handle it.
Filled to the brim with a black brew.
The filth of men and poison to the sea and sky.
Where it goes the fish and birds die.
For it many a soldiers mothers will cry.
However there is no real repent or lament to the Pharisees.
They stand there upon the hill.
They shed not a tear,
for those dead to them were not dear.

They are not still,
for they hand out this bitter pill.
Even though it makes the people ill,
many still believe the words that deceive.
As they take our voice and rights away,
liberty dries up and away.
Just like a puddle on a hot summer day.

There they stand, upon the hill.
In the white castle they do stand,
and from there they do wage war and poison the land.
There they are, the Pharisees.

Ariel Earth Angel
Here are some Kabbalic quotes that I found. They remind one of the our Divine friends.
The Rabbi es of old seem to have been able to plug into her portal. I'm not sure of the herb/plant they used, but mushrooms or Cannabis have been suggested by some. Whatever the case, it sounds so close to Salvia divinorum. The ancient Jews/Hebrews used an herb known as Judean Sage. It is that which they based the seven pronged candelabra the menorah on. The nine pronged type is a newer Hanukkah oriented version.
To draw in the Shecheenah(Shekinah), the feminine quality of the Divine Presence, an
incense offering is required. For the Divine Presence does not completely
manifest herself within the realm of mortals without the aroma of incense.
-Midrash Tanchuma, Tetzaveh, No. 15

Prior to making an incense offering, it is important to chant, for the power
of song draws forth the soul of the plants and herbs. And remember that the
incense offering is the most potent antidote against evil forces.
-Sefer Ha'Zahar, Vol. 2, folio 219
and Sefer Ha'Zohar Chadash, Shir HaShirim, No. 67

At the birth of a girl, a cypress tree or other evergreen is planted, and
at the birth of a boy. a ceder tree is planted. When they are ready to
marry, two branches are cut from each tree to make up the four poles that
hold up the wedding canopy.
-Babylonian Talmud, Gitten 57a

It is written: "Oil and incense gladden the heart" )Proverbs 24:9). God
said: "Of all the offerings that you bring to me, none of them is as dear
to me as the incense offering; for while all the offerings are expedition
of wrongdoing, or for thanksgiving, or for accompaniment of restitution.
the incense offering is for joy alone."
-Midrash Tanchuma, Tetzaveh, No. 15
The above quoted from Kabbalah 365, pages 262-265, by Gershon Winkler
I found this Kabbalistic quote that reminded me of a level 5 SD tripping.
When the vision-bringer and shaman encounters the spirit realm, they begin to weaken in their body selves. They shift their form, both spiritual and physical, shape-shifting until they become completely garbed in the form that is channeled to them, ultimately taking on the very form of the spirit that comes to them. It is this spirit form that enables them to then translate the vision or prophetic influx from the spirit realm. This spirit also becomes deeply manifested in their hearts in a spiritual takes the form of a visual experience for them. When the communication of the spirit is complete, the shamans are restored shape by shape to their original form and all their bodily powers return to their original state. It is only thereafter that the vision-bringer can speak the visions to the people in the normal human language.

-Thirteenth-century Rabbi Yitzchak HaKohain of Soria, quoted in Avo'dat HaKo'desh by sixteenth-century Rabbi Me'it Ibn Gabbai

The above was in turn quoted from pg 316/Day 315 of the book "Kabbalah 365" by Gershon Winkler.
The above makes me wonder what kind of entheogen those old Kabbalistic Rabies were tripping on.

Here is one of my own poems too.

Anointing with the Sacred Sage

Oh Lord God, please, grant me guidance by Your Holy Spirit.
Anoint my head with the sacred and divine oil.
Touch my hand upon the robe of the sacred wellspring.
Anoint my body with the sacred incense smoke.
Touche my finger upon the sacred divine wand.
Look my eyes upon the portal to the great beyond.
Anoint my head with the sacred and divine oil.


Archangel Ariel and her Elves

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A Faery Dream

They say that the blades of grass and flowers of the fields are tended by the faes. They say that under the faery rings are the homes of the elves that are called the gnomes. The world they say was always that way.

Before man came to be upon this world, the elemental earth angels help berth the land. By the hand of God they made it such.

Under their high angelic leader Ariel, The earth was thus blessed by the Holy Spirit. The spirit as a dove is said to be the symbol of God's love. The dove is also the symbol of peace from above.

For eternity to come shall His will be done. Through his angels here and above. Through the Archangel of the earth, and the lesser angels that they call the fae.

Shall the earth be strong, and shall not the world of man corrupt it for too long. Even man stays in his corrupted ways, the trees and plants of the field can still sing his praise.

With the help of the fae such will be for eternity. The trees and leaves, the grass and seeds shall chime. The flowers will still invite the butterflies and the bees and to dine.