Enchanted Forest
Welcome to my gallery of elf-trees and other elf-plants.

By Christopher M. Bode
Copyright 2006
Water color painting of smelf tree maple_elf-tree
Smelf Tree


Jimmy Come and see the Trees.

There once was a boy named Jimmy.
He lived down the road from nowhere.
Just up the hill from someplace else.
Next to the wood of the enchanted brook.

There the trees are very strange.
They smile at Jimmy and tell him their names.
One says his name is Fred.
Another says her name is Mallissa.

When the wind blows through their leaves,
they sing unto him.
"Come here, come on, this way."
Own guardians will show you the way.
To another realm that is beyond here,
but at the same time is still near.

The land where the nature spirits dwell.
A fantastic world of enchanted things.
All is alive and well in the other realm.
The home of the faes and the elves.
Where the angels dance in the clouds,
and they sing to the leader of all.

In this realm eternity s a hall.
Every door is a different way.
The angels can guide you every day.
Just ask them the way.
A nature angel says unto him;
"Jimmy come and see what is behind the next door."

Maple Elf-tree

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A pine Elftree

Sketch of an elfin  pine tree.
An Apple Elf-Tree

A felt tip drawing of an elfin apple tree.
It contains siferot symbolisms.

"Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the mist of the earth, and the height thereof was great.
The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of the earth:
The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of the sky dwelt in the branches thereof, and all flesh was fed of it."

KJV Daniel 4:10-12

Another Maple Elftree

Sketch of an elfin maple.

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Rabbit Forest

A felt trip drawing of some elf-trees and rabbits.
Elf Rose

Sketch of an elfin rose and a hand pointing to the future.

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Puma Skull

A color pencil drawing of a puma skull and desert plants.

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When the Demons Come Down

There is a place in the woods near my home.
Where the mountain lions called cougars roam.
Among the pinon pines and jimson weeds, I seen a pair of the cats in their lare.
So strange it seemed to me, for I seen them change from the tawny blonde cats into human beings. A woman and man they had become. The middle ages man and his wife told me that a demon had cast a hex upon them. Four days thereafter, they traveled among the hills eating the raw flesh of rodents and birds.

I told them; "I must drive you to town to see a priest. Perhaps, he may know what to do to break the spell."
Once there in town, the priest, Reverend Father Brown, told us of all the strange things that had been going on in his parish and elsewhere on the church grounds.

He took us to a room in which there where two bear cubs. The priest told us that they had once been men, and before our eyes they turned into dwarfs and then back into bears, once again.

Then Father Brown showed us a parchment that he had found. In was in his personal bible placed in-between Deuteronomy chapters 12 and 13. Then his bible and the sheet mysteriously fell to the ground. Father Brown picked them both up with a frown.

Then he read from the sheet that he had found; "When men turn to beasts, beasts will turn to men. Then words will become gibberish, whether written, spoken, or heard. Your parishioners faces will then become blurred, and I will come from the darkness to Earth once again."
Then he proclaimed; "What shall we do? How can such a horrible thing ever be true?"
"I will pray for the Earth and sprinkle holy water all around!"; said Father Brown.
Then Father Brown walked to his chapel. There to his shock and surprise, he found the letters in his bible had become triangles and squares, the faces of his flock clouded and blank, and worst of all the most horrible sound all around. A deep raspy voice was speaking not words but growls. The noise rumbled through the crowd. Though he knew not what was said, he would still vow to fight the demons that descend upon man.

Note: The above  poem is based on a dream I had back in December of 1990.